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This domain shall present RSS feeds. It is currently under development and for now presents static RSS feeds for the TWiT Security Now! podcast in the 16k low quality version.
I switched over from iTunes to Overcast on the iPhone. I'm more than satisfied with the player, it has just one disadvantage: You cannot add single MP3-files. (Update 2018: This feature has been added a long time ago, if not for the free version.) Your only chance to add podcasts is using an RSS feed. And for the wonderfully small 16k Security Now! episodes, there's no RSS feed as far as I know. In addition, there's no full feed at all for the 700+ episodes, so I have found no way to listen to the old episodes using Overcast.
That's why I have created my own feeds: One per calendar year, and one feed with all of the episodes.
I am aware that the traffic can be substantial - as Leo has indicated at least once - but I assume that the customer base for the 16k versions will not be too large. And so far my provider has given me an account with unlimited traffic, so as long as they do not complain, I'll keep these RSS feeds online - without guarantee, of course.

One word of warning: At the moment, these feeds have been created 'manually', using some editor automation using SlickEdit, my favorite editor since 1993. They will be updated as my schedule allows. If you also want to listen to every new episode as it becomes available, subscribe to the TWiT feed.
I have some ideas to automate the update of these feeds using the TWiT API, but if I were you I wouldn't hold my breath.
If you detect any mistakes or omissions, feel free to send me a mail (the address is linked to my name at the bottom of the page), I'll try to provide a fix. I tested the feeds with IE, Firefox, iTunes and Overcast, and validated them using the W3C validation service.
Happy listening!


And if you are looking for my other endeavors, please visit www.bezem.de.


Security Now 2005: http://rss-feeds.eu/feeds/SecurityNow-16k-2005.xml (21,399 bytes)

Security Now 2006: http://rss-feeds.eu/feeds/SecurityNow-16k-2006.xml (51,025 bytes)

Security Now 2007: http://rss-feeds.eu/feeds/SecurityNow-16k-2007.xml (47,539 bytes)

Security Now 2008: http://rss-feeds.eu/feeds/SecurityNow-16k-2008.xml (49,449 bytes)

Security Now 2009: http://rss-feeds.eu/feeds/SecurityNow-16k-2009.xml (50,190 bytes)

Security Now 2010: http://rss-feeds.eu/feeds/SecurityNow-16k-2010.xml (49,667 bytes)

Security Now 2011: http://rss-feeds.eu/feeds/SecurityNow-16k-2011.xml (49,240 bytes)

Security Now 2012: http://rss-feeds.eu/feeds/SecurityNow-16k-2012.xml (48,827 bytes)

Security Now 2013: http://rss-feeds.eu/feeds/SecurityNow-16k-2013.xml (48,517 bytes)

Security Now 2014: http://rss-feeds.eu/feeds/SecurityNow-16k-2014.xml (50,100 bytes)

Security Now 2015: http://rss-feeds.eu/feeds/SecurityNow-16k-2015.xml (48,800 bytes)

Security Now 2016: http://rss-feeds.eu/feeds/SecurityNow-16k-2016.xml (54,830 bytes)

Security Now 2017: http://rss-feeds.eu/feeds/SecurityNow-16k-2017.xml (62,116 bytes)

Security Now 2018: http://rss-feeds.eu/feeds/SecurityNow-16k-2018.xml (63,820 bytes)

Security Now 2019: http://rss-feeds.eu/feeds/SecurityNow-16k-2019.xml (48,608 bytes)


Security Now (full feed): http://rss-feeds.eu/feeds/SecurityNow-16k.xml (707,740 bytes)


And if you're looking for the Twitter references Steve Gibson refers to during many of the later podcasts, Twitter itself can be tedious up to impossible. However, there is a site to help you. Steve himself refers to https://bit.ly/sggrc, however, the original author, Simon Paarlberg, has just moved the site to a different subpage of his main site, https://simonpaarlberg.com. Currently, Steve's tweets can be found here: https://blamh.com/sn-twitter.
The episodes themselves are also recorded, and referenced with the episode number, three digitis preceded by a hash ('#'). So if you search for the episode number, the tweets directly below it may very well contain Steve's references during the show.

I have no relationship with Simon Paarlberg, and cannot take responsibility for his endeavors. The references to his site and the information contained therein are just for your convenience. I have found them useful occasionally, and hope you'll find so too. Use at your own discretion.

And for completeness: This site does not record your data other than Apache logs, it does not use scripting or cookies in any form, and all data will be coming from the site itself, no other site data is being included.
External links may refer to contents out of my control and for which I cannot vouch.

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